What are You Dressing as for Halloween?

Aligning our inner and outer voices is key to becoming the powerful force we know we are capable of, according to Nina Shoroplova, owner of Whole Health on Purpose, when she spoke to our BNI Chapter yesterday.

As business owners and entrepreneurs we are often told to “fake it until we make it” and to project through our outer selves what we want to be.  But if we have words of self-doubt whispering in our ear they can actively work against our success.

To paraphrase Nina’s words: what are you dressing up as for Halloween this year the unsuccessful ghost of your dreams or the powerful wizard of your dreams realised!

When my inner voice starts to send me negative messages, I review my mission statement and visualize my goals.  This helps pull me out of that place.  What do you do when your inner voice is less than helpful?

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