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Reception Services Vancouver

Are you missing too many calls? Losing leads or having unhappy clients who can't get a hold of you?

Our Reception Services go well beyond Call Centre Services. Sure, we can pickup, transfer or take a message, but we can also answer questions and provide customer care.

Need reception help?

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Reception Services that feel like we're sitting in your office!

Get ready to elevate your client management and service pipeline.

We can provide quotes, book appointments, take payment and so much more.

Having someone on hand to reliably answer your calls with professionalism and promptness will position your business in a positive light for every contact your business deals with. This will ultimately lead to more referrals and trust over time.

Make your customers feel valued

The person who answers your phone IS the face of your business.

Reception Services are important to help ensure your clients are cared for and your leads captured.

How many times have you called a business and had a harried business owner answer with only 50% attention? How did that interaction make you feel? Worse, how many times have you called a business and the call centre agent really had no idea how to support you? Did you feel valued?

Virtual Assistant and phone answering services with Its Your Time have made my life so much easier and I could focus on doing the work I love instead of answering phone calls and responding to email inquiries. The team is very responsive and flexible. They have been able to adjust to my requests and create a unique service that worked for my practice.

It's your time can be your

Virtual Reception Solutions in Vancouver Canada

How do I get started and what does it cost?

$275/month for first 100 minutes

$1.75/minute thereafter

Want to combine these services with other support?

Reach out to us by email or phone to setup a consultation about how we can help your business.

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I need more than just reception services!

We can help! It’s Your Time offers full-service business administration as well as unique perks and discounts to our members. Explore some of our other popular services: