Help Us Keep Vancouver’s Shoreline Clean!

Renny, Josh, Shovana, Amanda, Marisa and Trina

Nothing feels better than getting together with people you enjoy and doing something great.  Last year It’s Your Time co-hosted a Shoreline Cleanup with our colleagues at Fresh Start Recycling and Disposal and Reeve Consulting.  Our goal was to clean English Bay beach, deepen our relationships with each other and make some new friends. Each box got ticked!  This year we plan to keep Vancouver’s shoreline clean once again.

This Year’s Event

This year we will be cleaning up on September 28th at Granville Island.   The Clean up will start at 5:30pm and at 7pm we will be hosting a wind down and celebration.

Last year the Fresh Start crew won the award for finding the most garbage – so the challenge this year is who can beat the recycling crew and clean up the most garbage from Vancouver’s shoreline!

Facts & Figures

Last year the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean up saw 333,289 pieces of foam and plastic and 244,734 cigarette butts across Canada’s shorelines.  These tiny bits of litter leak chemicals into our waterways and poison the wildlife that lives there.  Who hasn’t seen that horrible video of the turtle getting a straw extracted from it’s nose?  Last year 17,654 straw were cleaned from the shoreline.

Come help us clean up Vancouver’s shoreline!  Register hereemail or call our office 604-648-8799.


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