Pinning Your Business Dreams

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Pinterest is an online pin-board, where you can organize and arrange just about anything from the web in one place. Perhaps you’re an old pro, and have been Pinning for a few years now. Or perhaps you have no idea what I’m talking about. Either way, you have to check out Pinterest! Sure, there are tons of crafts and recipes that make the average person look like a huge underachiever, but there’s also something incredibly special about Pinterest. In today’s small business world, plans have to be flexible and dynamic, and you are adding to and re-arranging your vision constantly. Through new experiences with clients or feedback, you are continually growing and changing. It’s a great way to collect and place your thoughts, ideas and goals, and have the flexibility to add, change and view them anytime you like.

Vision boards are important. They can remind you of where you want to be and the things you have accomplished. Taking these things in visually can have a long term effect on the outcome of your goals. If you’re constantly reminded of something – chances are pretty great that you will achieve it. Most people have carefully typed up a business plan with the best laid ideas and blueprints, chances are it’s saved somewhere on your hard drive, or collecting dust in a file. Get your goals out of that cabinet and out into the open!

Some tips for creating your Pinterest Vision Board:

  1. Don’t over-think it. Pin anything and everything. Even things like office equipment you want to work up to having, blog articles that have inspired you or other company websites that you admire.
  2. Have your employees create their own boards in terms of their career goals. You will find out more about their passions and you might even discover they’re similar!
  3. Use the opportunity to connect with your followers. People will admire your dreams, so why not interact? Don’t hesitate to ask people how they feel about something. For example, if one of your goals is to create a paperless office, ask your audience if they have tips or if they’ve attempted it?
  4. Images schmimages. Don’t be afraid to pin articles, posts or videos. They’re all part of your dream, right?

Written by Steph Wagner

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