IYTChat T4s and Tax Prep

IYTChatLast night we held our first #IYTChat on T4s and Tax Prep. We thought it would be a great opportunity to provide free guidance on how to complete your T4s and what you need to prepare for filing your taxes (including some tips on how to save money on getting those taxes done.

This is the time of year when we often get panicked calls from business owners and their shoe boxes full of receipts wondering what to do. Giving that box of receipts to your accountant is a good start but can be an expensive one; you will be paying him or her for data entry at accounting rates. We know you’re busy and have been providing two services over the last four years to make this time of year easier: we provide a free excel spreadsheet template for you to easily enter those receipts yourself; or, we can enter the receipts for you.

As we have started offering Tax Preparation services this year (for personal and unincorporated businesses) we have also created a checklist of what to provide your tax preparer to ensure your tax claim is as accurate as possible. You can find those checklists here.

If you would like us to send you a free excel template for entering your receipts yourself contact us and we will be happy to send it along with the above mentioned checklists.

Did you miss our IYTChat?  You can book a personal consultation with Anne Cabrerra our Finance Manager.

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