Hockey, Sustainability and IYT on the Road!

Despite living in Vancouver I will confess to owning a Winnipeg Jets t-shirt; as I’m married to an avid fan it’s part of the marriage deal.

I’m not a huge sports fan but I do enjoy watching hockey and the year the Blue Jays were winning the season for the second year in a row (1995 – I think) I did eat my share of wings and nachos while cheering them on. Why am I telling you all of this?

We work with Reeve Consulting and the President, Tim Reeve, is a sports nut! Before going in to meet with him I make sure to read the sports section of the 24 newspaper just so I can seem informed (invariably he will ask me a probing question that shows my knowledge to be a tad shallow). All of that being said, the primary objective of Reeve Consulting is to assist organizations, governments and sporting franchises in creating more sustainable procurement programs. Through my work with Reeve Consulting I’ve had the chance to work with Sochi2014 among a host of really great projects (I even got a backstage pass to Russia House during the 2010 Games!)

This week Tim’s two loves will meet at the Green Sports Alliance Summit in Seattle and I have the awesome opportunity to go as a representative of Reeve Consulting. Having worked with the firm for over 3 years and having a passion of my own for sustainability Tim feels I will do an excellent job representing us. I better start reading those sports sections.

From the reading I’ve done it looks like sports franchises and facilities have already started adopting lots of sustainable initiatives; but many of those initiatives seem disconnected from one another and so the overall impact they may be having is being lost in the message. I know Reeve Consulting could bring huge value to sporting stakeholders and I look forward to learning more about what they are doing and being able to report back my insights to Reeve Consulting.

What’s your favourite sport or sporting franchise? Do you know what they are doing for the environment, community or their players well being? Tell me about it and help me prep!

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