CRA refund via e-transfer or scam?

There’s a new phishing scam making the rounds. It’s a very legitimate looking email purporting to be an Interac e-transfer from the CRA.

Hold off your enthusiasm: you don’t have a bonus return!

The golden rule of whether to follow a link or open an attachment is are you expecting something from the sender? However, at this point in time many people are expecting a government refund. Many parents are waiting on the Child Care bonus the BC Government promised to pay by end of October (but please note that’s a provincial program not a federal one) and some people are still receiving their tax returns due to super slowed down tax file turn-around times this year.

If you are expecting some money from the CRA please note: CRA never sends anything electronically . . . ever . . . ever . . . ever! True or not they believe snail mail and fax are more secure and they’ve recently introduced “My Account“. The only way the CRA will ever communicate with you is through snail mail, over the telephone or through “My Account” (and please note they will not ask you for any of your banking or credit card details should they call you).

So, if you’ve received this phishing email you can send up a wishful prayer that a real cheque may follow but for now – delete it!

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