Celebrate Your Success With Tax Time!

Everyone hears the word taxes and groans; they seem complicated, overwhelming and sometimes downright punitive! Amanda Mungal, Owner of It’s Your Time is pleased to be offering a seminar for small business owners on how to prepare for and even get excited about tax time!

Small business is a small world and people handle their taxes differently. You may have overheard entrepreneurs bragging about using various “tips and tricks” to ensure they don’t pay tax – you may have even wondered how you can get in on that… The bottom line is this; it is good business practice to ensure that you don’t pay any more taxes than you have to BUT to also not cut corners. That is why it’s good to really understand what your rights, obligations and options are. While it is good practice not to pay too much tax, you might also consider the importance of keeping your business and yourself authentic.

Amanda will give you the tools to optimize your financial situation at tax time, but at the end of the day remember that being in a position where you have to pay taxes is something to be incredibly proud of as individuals, business owners and artists because it means you’re finally in the black!

In order to help you get ready for the seminar and for tax time, we have included a link to two checklists. Please feel free to download them and make use of them. We look forward to seeing you at our Event.

Personal Tax checklist

Small Business Tax checklist

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