10 Tips for Holiday Bliss

GP1071.jpg” alt=”” width=”413″ height=”309″ /> Make sure you’re organised enough that this looks cozy and not like a headache this holiday season!

The Christmas Season is almost upon us and if you’re anything like me you want to spend it entertaining, drinking eggnog, going on the Santa Train and watching those stop motion Christmas movies from your childhood – not scrambling with year-end business tasks and last minute work scramble.

Here is my 10 Tips for Holiday Bliss (or getting the biz in shape so you can relax at Christmas list) List:

1. Decide right now if you’re going to give clients gifts. If the answer is yes do not delay one day, figure out your budget and start shopping! Or contact Patsy at www.leaveittome.ca to do the shopping and delivery for you.

2. Do you have employees? Confirm when and how last payroll of the year is going to happen and review your payroll figures for the year. Not sure how to do this – ask us!

3. Planning to take some time off for the holidays – let your clients know now!

4. Pre-write a cheerful out of office message so that you can just hit go as you head out the door for the festivities.

5. Sign up for some Strategic Planning with Kyosei Consulting (they currently have a great end of year package for small businesses). Get started now so that your ideas can percolate over the holidays and you can start 2013 with a bang!

6. Make sure your social media plan is up to date. Pre-write your blog articles and tweets for the holiday season so that they roll out even while you’re riding Santa’s train! Not sure how to do this – ask us!

7. Send out those Christmas cards now! If your database needs some tidying to get this job done – Darcee is on standby to clean you up and get those cards out.

8. Look like a super star by being pro-active and asking your clients about their holiday plans – offer to help them get tasks done ahead of schedule. This will not only free them up for the holidays (thus the Super Star moniker) but ensure you are free for the holidays too!

9. Schedule, schedule, schedule – right now – schedule as much as you can. Even if you’re not a scheduler – this is the time of year to pull out the big calendar and map out your work and home life to make sure you have time for everything and aren’t shopping on December 24th or scrambling on a client deadline on December 27th.

10. Of course the best thing you can do is work with an Administrative Consultant who will happily take those tasks off of your plate so that you can sing carols by the piano!

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