Women in Business – Janice Martin of Magnum Consulting


1. What is the nature of your business?
Straight Talk Coaching – Speaking – Sales Development – with a passion for working with independent businesses and entrepreneurs

2. What inspired you to start your business?
After working for great companies throughout my career, I wanted to share what I had learned and implemented for others to use at different levels and areas of their lives and careers.

3. Do you think being a woman has an effect on or informs how your run your business?
Yes and no, I believe the obvious things, such as multi-tasking, ability to dip down into details and fly at 30,000 feet in a split second, however I don’t like to use the “sexist” argument when it comes to business, I believe we all have our strengths and weaknesses as business owners.

4. Is there a woman who inspires you?
My Mother and every woman I meet that is living her best life.

5. What is a valuable lesson that you feel has contributed to your success and who taught it to you?

6. Any wisdom to impart?
You write the rules…. you can re write them with integrity as required. Be of service.

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