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Debbie Murphy

1. What is the nature of your business?
I sell real-estate; but more importantly I help families and individuals attain goals and dreams for themselves and it still thrills me after 25 years each time that happens.

2. What inspired you to start your business?
Survival initially.  I had a daughter to raise and needed a career that was flexible but still allowed me to earn a decent living depending on the level of effort I was willing to put into it.

3. Do you think being a woman has an effect on or informs how your run your business?
I think so, I think as women we are very aware of the energy of the people around us and we are not afraid to act on it.  We wear many different hats in the course of the day sometimes all at once.  As a woman I feel I am constantly striving to keep that balance with personal and business and I am a lot more comfortable about it now if it isn’t always even.

4. Is there a woman who inspires you?
I have met many inspiring women but I am always inspired by my daughter.  She is fearless, never afraid to put herself out there and try something new which seems to attract the most interesting and amazing people into her life.

5. What is a valuable lesson that you feel has contributed to your success and who taught it to you?
Share your knowledge with other women, your successes and your failures.  I have met many women in the course of my career who have been great cheerleaders and loyal referral partners for me which I am truly thankful for because I know I could not have succeeded in my career without them.  I am never afraid to  help someone else for fear of not having enough for myself.  I truly believe there is enough business for everyone if you want it.

6. Any wisdom to impart?
Embrace your own uniqueness, you would be surprised at the positive impact you may have on another person.

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