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To kick off this series, Amanda Mungal our President has filled out the questionnaire. If you are a woman business owner or entrepreneur or know one who you think we should highlight have them contact us to be featured during International Women’s Month.
1. What is the nature of your business?
We provide administrative support to businesses – as your on call office manager we offer full administrative solutions ranging from bookkeeping to managing social media and your projects and more.

2. What inspired you to start your business?
I saw a need in the micro-business community for excellent and personal administrative support before the budget could afford to hire a senior administrative professional.

This combined with being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug through working with my husband to start his primary business was the genesis of It’s Your Time.

3. Do you think being a woman has an effect on or informs how your run your business?
Many of our clients look to us to be that “other person in the room” when their having their moments of doubt about their business or just feeling crazy.  I’m not sure if it’s being a woman that has fostered this with my clients or that I’m a nurturing person who fosters community.  Either way – it is a big part of our business.

4. Is there a woman who inspires you?
Many!  My best friend Sarah inspires me with her fierce friendship; she has taught me to be a better friend.  I regularly have heart conversations with Patsy from Leave it to Me and am inspired by her willingness to be open and continually seek self-improvement.  Finally, Julie Spurrell at the Chief Librarian at the New Westminster Public Library and the best boss I ever had informs how I want to be lead my team.

5. What is a valuable lesson that you feel has contributed to your success and who taught it to you?
Whenever something in my life would not work out or would go sideways my mother would drive me crazy by asking me “what do you think you’re doing to attract this.”  Frankly it caused friction between us.  But I did learn that we often consciously or unconsciously create our reality (good or bad) and have made it part of my life code to examine the good and bad to see what I should repeat or not repeat.  My mother died last January and just about on the nose of her anniversary I was speaking to our Finance Manager Anne Cabrerra (who shares a first name with my mother) about an issue and she asked me “this keeps happening to you, what do you think you’re doing to cause it”  For the record both Ann(e)’s were right in asking.

6. Any wisdom to impart?
Owning a business is tough; it calls you to make tough decisions; work long hours; constantly re-examine what, why and how you’re doing things and let me repeat – make tough decisions.  I have learned in life that particularly when things are tough the best way to operate is with truth and kindness.  One without the other will surely bring about your downfall.

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