What is a Likes Ladder?

If your business is present on social media, one thing that’s always on your mind is getting more likes and exposing your business to more fans or other businesses that you can connect with.

A great way to achieve this is through hosting a Likes Ladder.  This gives great exposure to your Facebook page, as well as finding other great new businesses to like and follow.  It’s also a great opportunity to offer a sale or promotion to any of your new fans on Likes Ladder day!

How it works:

  1. Like It’s Your Time.  (Obviously!)
  2. Watch for our Likes Ladder post on Friday, June 21st.
  3. Paste your business page address into the comments of the post and tell us something interesting about yourself.
  4. Click some or all of the links that have been posted by other fans, and like their Facebook pages.
  5. The more interaction you have, the more traffic you will have to your page.
  6. Enjoy interacting with your new fans!

We want to hear how you did in the likes ladder!  Leave us a message on Facebook or comment on our blog post.  Happy liking!

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