Twitter celebrates our lack of originality for 8th birthday

twitter-bird-white-on-blueFirst words, first child, first steps, first day of business, first dollar earned . . . firsts are supposed to be big and profound and memorable.  So when you have the opportunity to thoughtfully take a public first step think of how mind blowingly profound we would all be!

A colleague of mine Dennis Pang of Motiv8Media posted a link to Twitter’s “Discover your first Tweet” today and based on the comments in his feed his followers were about as profound as I was (actually they were significantly more – apparently my first tweet was a re-tweet about The Apprentice – so I managed in one quick tweet to immortalize something completely mundane and my shameful TV secret).

Lesson learned?  Perhaps lesson reinforced – nothing online can hide!  Or, maybe for my dear readers with “launch” issues don’t let this further prevent you from launching – know that everyone posts less than perfect posts.

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