Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Reception Service vs a Call Centre

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How many times have you missed a sale or important call because you’ve been busy with your business?  Almost worse: you answered the call and promptly forgot to deal with it as you returned to working.  This is the problem that call centres claim to resolve.  In reality while call centres will answer your phone, they will simply take a message for you to deal with when you have time (likely around dinner time when you partner / kids are wanting your attention).  What you really need is customer support (or as we call it Reception Services).  A service that will not just take your calls but support your customers and you.  Here are our top 4 reasons to work with Reception Services vs a call centre.

Clients Feel Like They’ve Called Your Office.

#truestory A customer called in looking for directions because they were lost.  They told the call centre operator where they were and that they couldn’t find the office.  The operator took their name and number and emailed the business owner.  Fingers crossed the owner got that email asap!!  (Any guesses on whether the customer made it to the appointment or was satisfied with the service?)  Now that that business works with a Reception Service, when their customer calls in lost, or with a question, happy or unhappy it’s dealt with.  A Reception Service will get them directions, troubleshoot and make your customer feel heard.

Let Your Reception Service Book Your Calendar!

We’ve all heard the saying “strike while the iron is hot”.   The time to book a lead or support a client is when they call!  When your leads or clients call, a Reception Service will book them right into your calendar using the parameters you’ve provided.  Don’t lose any more leads because you don’t have time to call back!  Don’t leave your customers frustrated trying to book with you.  Make them feel important and cared for by having a service answer their queries immediately and book them in your calendar.

Your Reception Service Can Get You Paid Faster.

A Reception Service can take payment information while booking so you can get paid as soon as the job is complete.  If you’re working a last-minute job your customer can call in and pay over the phone.  No longer will you have to spend your evenings following up on unpaid invoices.

Your Reception Service Can Manage Client Follow-Up.

We all want to follow up with our clients and intend to do so.  But again, when life gets busy this important task can be placed on the back burner.  A Reception Service can follow up with your customers post-appointment to see how things went and gather critical insight along with ensuring your clients feel cared for.

Look BIGGER than you are.

When a customer calls a call centre it is very clear to all involved that it’s a call centre.  Which is certainly better than getting no answer at all.  However, when a customer calls a Reception Service they will feel like they’re calling your receptionist in your office.  Your customers will assume that you have operational staff who are there to support them due to the full scope of services being offered.

Don’t get us wrong even a call centre is preferable to no answer at all; but if you want to take your customer support to the next level while still being present and focused on your clients and jobs you have in front of you then you might want to consider virtual reception company instead.

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