The Big Picture Coach provides tips on being absent from your biz

Big Picture Coach

What is your key advice for someone wanting to walk away from their business for a month or more while having it continue to grow?

I have some good news & some bad news.  The bad news is you cannot control all aspects of your business while you’re away.  The good news is that you can & should duplicate yourself before your absence.  First, I would share with my team my expectations regarding what I would be returning to after my month away.  My focus would be on the 4 areas of priority for continued growth; consisting of Sales, Costs, Customer Satisfaction Levels, Productivity & Efficiency.

There’s an old saying ….. What gets measured gets done.  Second, I would set up a Business Dashboard that would measure the key metrics that are most important across all 4 of these priority areas.  Just like the Dashboard of a car, your Business Dashboard measures a few vital results that provides you with a clear picture of the overall health & operation of your business.  What are the numbers in each area you want achieved by the time you return?  Share that with your people and they will have the clarity & focus they need to deliver.

Finally, support your people by giving them the tools to build your business while you’re away.  Provide written checklists that specifically outline the activities to be done and how they are to be accomplished.  Break down each activity into their component tasks so they get done right.  Expect and encourage them to weave these checklists into the fabric of their everyday routines and allow them to personally experience their own success.

Submitted by Patrick von Pander
The Big Picture Coach

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