Social Media – can it increase your bottom line?

This is the question we were asked to discuss at this year’s Pacific Northwest ISA‘s Conference yesterday.

Samson and I presented to 45 ISA Members hailing from Oregon to Alaska and meeting in Surrey on Sunday. Like many small business owners the members were wanting to know more about social media in general and if or how it could help them build their business.

There were some really great questions asked such as is there a direct financial reward for each like; what happens to the ownership of your images once put on Facebook; what are the ethics of joining a hashtaged conversation on Twitter and more.  The answers are no, you own it but they can use it until you delete it, and it depends how it’s done.

We’ve already received feedback from some keen participants that went home and have already started their Facebook pages – possibly the best feedback we could have received.

Samson and I had a great time and would love to offer this workshop again. If you know know a group of people needing a social media overview and some practical tips on getting started – let us know.

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