Show a Little Love with Your Business

love is in the air

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner this is a great time to think about how you  have positioned the emotional tone of your business.

I think it’s safe to say that the rat race, do-anything for a deal entrepreneur way of doing business is quickly becoming old school:  giving way to a nicer and more holistic approach to doing business. There are all kinds of books and speakers that offer up reasons why this might be the case, many suggest the influence of social media and the effect it can have on our reputation and in creating communities.

Adam Hunter, President of Verita Strategy Group, and I often discuss theories discussed in books such as The Thank You Economy and how embracing this style of doing business not only sits well with us but makes being an entrepreneur a pleasant experience.

Due to the nature of our business, I have had countless people suggest that I read The 4 hour Work Week. I must confess I made it about three-quarters through when I had to stop. I do not know Mr. Ferriss, so can not speak with any authority on what he is like to work with, but based on his theories and his own words he sounds like an unpleasant fellow with which to work. Most of his suggestions rely on assuming other people will be happy to “fill you in” on the meetings you were too important to attend. If/when I write a book I will title it the 20 hour Work Week for Nice People!

On this nice long weekend (at least for those of us in BC) give some time to think about how you are presenting your business? Are you a cut-throat taker or are your a community building giver? Is one style more appropriate to your industry? Is it working for you? What can you do to either enhance or change your image?

If you’ve had a great experience working with another company or an ah-ha moment in how your interact with your customers, contractors, staff or colleagues, let us know.

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