Pre-planning your year financially is about so much more than just numbers

Have you ever sat down to begin planning your goals and dreams for the new year ahead (which is coming up fast – where did 2013 go?) and have wondered where your best dollars are spent growing your business and how you can track them?

In order to set clear goals for the future, it’s pretty vital to have the present taken care of.  With December quickly approaching, taking care of your business year-end as soon as possible is the best way to get on with your dreaming and planning. Our service is geared towards going beyond the balance sheet.  Helping you confirm where your dollars are being spent and if it’s working or not working. Being able to track and measure your spending over the last year and being able to look back and analyze will absolutely help set you up for a new year of success.

Things like:

– Actually being able to know if the money you spent on a Facebook campaign or direct mail out was worth the return.

– Reviewing GST filings – do you file once per year?  Did you feel like you had enough money tucked away for the final payment?  Perhaps switching to quarterly might be a better fit?

– Reviewing your spending on services like internet, phone and apps. Is there a way you can save money?

Perhaps you have some areas that you can pull from in your budgeting and can use it to hire an employee or a service that would free up more of your time to let you focus on running your business. Being able to have a clear vision and understanding of your spending, allocating and ROI add so much more to the overall big picture of your business.

It’s time to get it done!  We offer a complimentary consultation. Contact us today to get started.

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