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ThinkSpace 10 Keys to Effective Delegation

Delegation is the best tool for leveraging your time and getting more done, particularly when you aren’t available. After all, you can do anything but you can’t do everything.

People who are delegated to learn more, are more engaged and tend to want to take on even more. You can build your business by building the capabilities of your people by delegating. However; delegation is not foolproof! It has potential pitfalls but through preparation these can usually be avoided.

Most of us have had a bad experience with delegation; anything from someone else not performing the activity as well as we would (pitfall: just because we’ve mastered the activity we can’t expect the same of others), to not having enough time to delegate a task (pitfall: we miss out on building the capabilities of our team and continue to spend our time on lower-value activities).

Following these 10 key principles will put you in a much better position to delegate effectively.

  1. 1. Focus yourself on high value activities – identify the most important activities and prioritize accordingly
  2. 2. Do what you do best and delegate the rest – don’t’ do what someone else can do
  3. 3. Define the task and intended results clearly – spell it out
  4. 4. Delegate based on demonstrated competence – require appropriate level of expertise
  5. 5. Set a deadline – be clear on timing
  6. 6. Establish progress reporting milestones – communicate often
  7. 7. Agree on resources – identify additional sources of information
  8. 8. Agree on consequences – reflect the importance of the task
  9. 9. Put it in writing – shared version of the truth
  10. 10. Inspect what you expect – provide guidance and hold accountable

Practice these principles prior to your planned absence in order to maximize the work that can be accomplished while you are away.

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