Fear # 5: What If I Hire the Wrong Person?

With only a few employees, how much damage can a single employee cause to your business? Unfortunately the answer is a lot if you hire the wrong person. An employee is not likely to maliciously destroy your business but unless they are actively making a positive difference, they can be contributing negatively to your business. So how do you make sure you hire the right people to ensure your business stays successful? It’s all in the type of employee that you hire.

For all intensive purposes, I’m going to classify employees into two groups: entrepreneurial leaders and diligent followers. Entrepreneurial leaders are a great asset to have on your team. This type of employee can see your company as their own and will work hard to ensure both their own success and the success of your business. This includes going above and beyond the requirements of the job and exceeding all your expectations. This employee will make you lots of money but once they feel that they have reached their peak, they will move on to the next company or start their own, causing you to spend money on hiring a new employee who won’t be as great right from the start. This is not always ideal for a small business as you are probably more focused on the personal aspect of your business and high turnover rates are not good for your bottom line. Before you decide that this type of employee is not for you, we need to look at the other type as well. The diligent follower is a great employee, they will do whatever you ask them, they will follow all the rules and will agree with whatever you say. The only downsides are that they will JUST do whatever you ask them, will follow ALL the rules and agree with WHATEVER you say. They are not going to help you grow your business because they are not the type to push boundaries but they are great for maintaining your business and keeping it profitable. This type of employee is also likely to stay with your company for a long time and after a while they will get to be really efficient at their job.

After comparing the two, you can see why most companies want to hire the type of employee who can take direction and will stay with the company the longest to provide stability. That’s not always the way to be the most successful. As the insanely successful Bill Gates says “I only hire people who are smarter than me.” The way to really be successful is to hire the type of employee who’s aim is higher than your company. Although they won’t be with you for very long, you can at least ride them on their way up their own career path. Although it’s good to have a balance of both types of employees within your company, the way that you can identify the entrepreneurial leaders is easy, they’re just like you. As a small business owner, YOU are an entrepreneurial leader so if you see a bit of yourself in an applicant, that is usually a good indication that they will be a good addition to your business.


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