Facebook advertising is the #1 way to get qualified leads into your marketing funnel

In the March 19 IYTChat, Kennett will walk you through your first campaign all the way to the sale. He will share with you techniques and strategies that target and attract your ideal customer, and get them to buy from you. You’ll discover how to set up your Facebook page for success, how to craft the perfect message and offer for your niche, and how to use advertisements target and attract leads into your marketing funnel.

This discussion is for entrepreneurs, experts, business coaches, online marketers and service professionals that would like to leverage the worlds #1 social network.

Presenter Bio:

Kennett is a Certified Social Media Director, and he brings over 3 years of experience in the social media marketing world. He helps small businesses acquire more customers by teaching them effective social media strategies that align with their business vision.

Kennett has been featured in HootSuite, and Vancouver’s largest Facebook for Brands Workshop. Some of his work has also been featured on Forbes and TrendHunter Magazine.

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