Delegating Part 2: When the tasks are simple

When the tasks are simple and a list will do, there is still an art to ensuring delegating success.

  1. Ensure the person to whom you intend to delegate has the skill set and aptitude to complete the task(s) with success.
  2. Review the task(s) with the person.  The two key items to cover here are important details and how the task fits into the big picture.  Knowing how the small piece fits within the big picture will empower the person to whom you are delegating to make decisions and troubleshoot without running back to you at every twist in the road.
  3. Be clear on deadlines and how often you expect status updates.
  4. Be clear on what “finished” looks like.
  5. If this is the first time you’ve delegated this task, or to this person, suggest mid-point check-in to ensure that the task is on track in the direction you want it going.
  6. When the task is complete review how it went.  Ask the person you delegated to for feedback.
  7. Make sure to recognize the person who has done the task and give them credit it will foster good relations and a desire to constantly improve.

As a final note, remember that sometimes mistakes happen.  It’s ok to be upset, but unless you intend to end your relationship with the person you have delegated to, take a moment before reacting.  Once a mistake has happened, it’s happened, stating that it’s happened multiple times will not make it go away.  Instead look to the person to whom you’ve delegated for a solution.  In our experience, the most important indicator of a lesson learned versus sloppiness is whether someone will take responsibility and is able to provide solutions to the problem.

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