Delegating Part 3: When the tasks are not so simple

For a lot of small business owners the problem in delegating is that there isn’t a simple list they can hand to someone.  Even their Low Pleasure/Low Skill tasks seem to be things they can’t pull out of their head to hand over to someone else.

This is where having a trusted and highly skilled assistant plays a very important role.  Sometimes the job of a good assistant is much like fishing.  Through discussions with you about your frustrations, stumbling blocks, successes and day to day routines, your assistant will be able to pluck out of the stream all the fish that she can take care of for you.

Some things you might want to consider prior to meeting with your assistant are:

1.            What are the tasks that take me forever and that cause me frustration?

2.            What distracts me?

3.            If I never had to do _____________ again how would I feel?

4.            I know I can’t delegate ___________ task; because __________________.

Questions 1 and 4 in particular might prove to be incredibly useful.  Your assistant may not have immediate answers but you might be surprised to find that where you see a wall she is holding on to the door knob.

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