Cool new thing: Focus!

focus chrome plugin

focus chrome plugin

Just like every other business, we are always looking to optimize and document our systems. I was struggling with the push and pull between processes that took more time to manage than the work itself and lack of process that left too much room for human error.  A wonderful chat with Caterina Snyder, a colleague and Business Transformation Artist in Edmonton, provided some clarity.  She had one word:  Focus!

The Advice: Focus

Caterina’s sage advice was to create process templates that consisted of one higher level task that acted as a trigger for a process.  Trained staff would know what the next steps were and newbies could reference a more detailed process in our manual.  This made so much sense I felt like hitting my head on my desk.  As a business owner I create concise goals on which to focus which allows me to drive my business.  Of course, having a focus list rather than a task list would be more productive for our team.

The Cool New Thing

So like most business owner’s I smacked my head on my desk and then got bogged down in 1000 things as I slowly – oh so slowly – started to work at embracing this advice.  Recently, a client opened her internet browser and not only did Google wish her Good Morning, her daily focus was right there.  Every time she opened a new browser tab there was her focus!  Of course I had to know what this cool tool was.

Now, I’m sharing it with you.  I give you Momentum Dashboards .  Each day it asks you what your focus is and you can check it off and redirect by adding a new focus.

I would love to know how you keep your focus and manage multi-step rapid fire task management.  Of course if you’re tired of trying to manage the tasks and want to truly make this YOUR time to dream and focus on the big picture then give us a holler.


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