Coach Rupert offers key advice for being able to take a holiday from your business

2434-RevisedLogo4colorI strongly believe that every entrepreneur needs to get distance from their business from time to time.  What if now it is your opportunity to get away for a couple of weeks?  Can you go?  Dare you go?  What will happen when you are not there?  You can only really be totally confident that your business is safe when your team knows what you would do in any given situation.  How do you achieve that?

In essence you create this situation through a clear, consistent vision for your business and by being a great role model over months and years.

I had one client whose second-in-command had to ask to whom he should forward his phone when he was on vacation. This was because the client could have given one of any three answers on any given day.  He was very inconsistent.  Therefore all decisions fell to the CEO.  As you would expect, he couldn’t get away and when he did get a vacation he couldn’t relax.

So when your team knows what you would do or say in a given situation you can be confident that the train will still be on the tracks when you get back from your break.

Maybe you are not in that position this year. This could be something to work towards this coming year.  We all need to relax and you can achieve that through being the most consistent and best employee that you have all year so that everyone really knows the standards that you expect and what they need to do to be as good as you in your absence.

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